19 November 2010

Chemo cap

A friend of mine announced the other week that she's diagnosed with breast cancer, got one boob removed and is now on chemo. It's allways sad to recieve news like that and usually you feel quite insufficient as you can't do anything to make it better. But at least I can knit!

So I found a pretty pattern and the a wonderful yarn. It's a worsted merino yarn from Malabrigo. Hand-dyed and soooo soft. The colour is called Pagoda.

I found the pattern for this Hurricane hat via Ravelry. It's made by Andrea Goutier and she has kindly shared it on her blog, String In Motion.

As I didn't have my friend nearby I put the cap on an old doll of mine for a photosession:

And also on my own head for a top view:

Today, I got a MMS from my friend. She's on her way to the hospital for her next dose and she's wearing her new cap. I do hope it keeps her poor head warm during the winter.